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Popular Novelty Programs


Experiences are great, and we've delivered countless memories over the years with our physical attractions (whether it be a ride down our Mobile Zip Line or on our Mechanical Bull), but there's something to be said for event experiences where you walk away with more than just memories, but also something tangible. 


Nothing beats using your own two hands to put something together that is uniquely yours to keep, and that is the essence of our novelty & make-and-take programs.  It's why they are some of our most popular entertainment offerings.    

Whether it be our Build-a-Buddy Program (stuff your own plush animal), Make Your Own Air Plant Terrarium Setup, Custom Sand Art Station or other offering, they all get a lot of love!  And now, with restrictions on in-person events and social distancing guidelines in place, these very tangible interactive programs must be adapted.

We're on it!

Delivery Options

All of our novelty & make-and-take programs are getting the social distancing treatment—no, not the cold shoulder, but instead, a lot of extra attention to ensure that they can be re-imagined in this new age to comply with guidelines and restrictions that might be in effect and still work for you and your particular circumstances.

We're offering three methods of administering these programs and if none of these options woks for you, we're committed to understanding your specific needs and potentially developing a new solution for you. 


TraditionaL Setup w/ Restrictions

Planning to be on campus?  Looking for as close to the real event experience as possible, but within guidelines?  Our traditional setup includes our team coming on site to administer one of our programs at your event.  In the wake of recent events, we are taking necessary precautions to ensure that we are maintaining a clean and safe environment for students.  These measures include redesigning the process & flow of each program to encourage social distancing and minimizing or eliminating contact, sanitizing surfaces, wearing appropriate personal protective equipment, and working closely with you to ensure we're meeting all of your requirements before stepping foot on campus.    

Novelty Social Distancing Graphic.png




Packaged Kits

*Delivered to Campus*

GrabNGo Novelty Graphic.png

If your school is implementing a hybrid approach to learning/campus life that will consist of online and limited in-person activity OR if you're interested in passing on the idea of trying to host an event within strict guidelines, then our Grab-n-Go Novelty Kits will be ideal for you and allow you offer up fun in a versatile format.  We will individually package kits and ship you everything in one order so that you can distribute safely and quickly to students in line with social distancing guidelines and any other restrictions you may have in place.  




Packaged Kits

*Shipped Direct To Students*

Shippable Novelty Graphic.png

"We're completely online/remote, so we're probably out of luck..."  NOT SO FAST!  We have you covered even if you have no students on campus or want to reach students wherever they may be instead of requiring them to physically go somewhere.  Similarly to the Grab-n-Go Novelty Kits, we will individually package your program & handle 100% of the fulfillment to ship directly to students wherever they are.     

Programming Options




Build your Own Bamboo Planter

Available Now | Details Coming Soon

Build Your Own Air Plant Terrarium


Custom Sand Art

Available Now | Details Coming Soon

Custom Street Signs

Available Now | Details Coming Soon

Build Your Own

Reed Diffuser

Available Now | Details Coming Soon

Stay Tuned For Other Novelties Coming Soon!

Need a Custom

Individually Packaged Solution?

Looking to do something that is a little outside of the box?  We'd love to hear and see how we can help.  

Some of our clients have opted to build upon the idea of the individually packaged kit and practically turn it into an

event in a box.  

Novelties +

Your Own Elements:

  • monogrammed t-shirts

  • water bottle

  • campus gear

  • ID badges

  • lanyards

  • gift cards

  • letter

  • etc.

Custom Shippable Graphic.png

Recent CUstom Shippable Package

Custom Shippable Novelty Box 5.jpg
Custom Shippable Novelty Box 1.jpg
Custom Shippable Novelty Box 3.jpg
Custom Shippable Novelty Box 4.jpg
Custom Shippable Novelty Box 2.jpg

We handle sourcing (if necessary), packaging material, preparation, packing, label printing / shipping with tracking (if applicable).

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