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Stuff Your Own Plush Animal

It seems as though we all have a soft spot for animals—how can you not for something so cute and cuddly as the Koala above?!  Whether you're partial to the more domesticated dogs and cats, exotic creatures like tree frogs and flamingos, powerful wild beasts like lions and gorillas, or even fantastical life forms like unicorns and sea monsters, there's something for everyone.

Our interactive Build-A-Buddy program brings colleges and universities a wide variety of creatures from the animal kingdom so students can hand-stuff and create their very own plush friend to keep them company throughout the semester and beyond.  It's been one of our most popular novelty programs over the years, and with updated styles, new releases and themed varieties it remains a fresh experience time after time.

Build-a-Buddy Delivery.png


Ruler Icon (1).png

Large 16"+


Fabric Icon (2).png

Soft & Durable Fabrics

Zipper Icon (2).png

Easy Zip Closures

Build a Buddy Novelty Kit.jpg
Carry Bag Icon.png



Mini T-Shirt Icon.png

Custom-Printed Animal T-Shirts w/ Your Logo

Birth Certificate Icon.png
Star Icon.png

Birth Certificates



Double Fluffed Icon.png

Extra Soft Fiber 

75+ Varieties of Animals

We carry a wide variety of plush animals to ensure you can offer a large assortment to students.  See below for a sampling of some of the many styles available—please note our inventory is more extensive than what you see below and is continuously fluctuating as events happen, new animals are added, themed options are released, etc.  

Plus Many More Styles

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