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Build Your Own Air Plant Terrarium

Breathe Life Into Your DIY Programming

With our Build Your Own Air Plant Terrarium DIY Program, students gain access to all the materials they need to assemble a one-of-a-kind Air Plant Terrarium that will be a great addition to any dorm room or apartment.  

In our traditional program, students begin with the glass orbs, adding components one by one, placing each element as they wish, to design an aesthetically pleasing terrarium—combining nature and art.  Two air plants of different types will sit inside the hand-blown glass orbs, accompanied by an assortment of river stones and sprigs of reindeer moss to accent accordingly.


Air plants require little maintenance—only weekly mistings or quick soaks to keep them hydrated.  The best part is you won't have to worry about any messy soil!  

THEMED PACKAGES Currently Available

Build Your Own Air Plant Terrarium Themed Packages
Air Plant Terror-iums Strip Image.png

Build Your Own Air Plant Terror-Ium

One of our most popular DIY Programs now with a Festive Twist.

Want a program that will line up well with the upcoming Halloween Season?  Try our Air Plant Terror-iums!  All the components of our traditional program have eerily evolved into dark, bizarre versions of themselves for this one time of the year.  Choose your Red Abdita Air Plant, Orange Sea Fan, and Dark Stone Filler to compile a decorative takeaway treat for October.    


It'll make for a terror-ific time at your college or university!

Call, email or fill out a form today to learn more.

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