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Drive-In MovieS Are Back!

One of the first physical entertainment experiences returning to operation following the Covid-19 crisis was the classic Drive-In Movie Theater.  Only a few of these relics of a bygone era have stood the test of time and survived the transition to a digital world.  Strangely enough, in 2020, many decades after their heyday, the remaining Drive-Ins have seen a surge in popularity as folks look to break out of their homes and do something different.     

Experience Outdoor Movies Anywhere

Although Drive-In Movie Theaters haven't changed much over time, the spirit of the Drive-In has inspired the need for taking that experience on the road to bring joy to movie lovers all around.  With our fully-mobile outdoor movie service, we can go and setup anywhere you're looking to host a showing—from grassy fields and courtyards to parking lots and even rooftop parking garages, we offer you flexibility.  You can sit back and relax as you enjoy a full-length feature film under the stars.        

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Full-Service Setup

We've got you covered with everything you need to host a successful outdoor movie showing.  We'd call it a turn-key setup, but you don't even have to do that!  We handle it all for your movie night.      

Industry-Leading Inflatable Movie Screen—Seamless & Stable

Concert Quality Sound System 

Professional Technicians Always On Site From Start To Finish

High-Quality Digital Projection

Blowers, Cords, Cables, Anchors, Tarps, Tape & More + Backups!



We Carry Gas-Powered Generators For Those Setups Where Power Is Hard To Find

Let Us Transmit Via Radio So You Can Go Retro And Enjoy A Classic-Feel Drive-In

Need Nostalgia?

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Don't Forget The Popcorn!

Yes, we handle that too!  Be sure to ask about our classic style popcorn machines that come complete with kernels, butter, and individual serving bags. 

Inflatable Movie Screen


Just like most things, one size generally isn't fitting for all.  We offer a range of inflatable movie screen sizes so you can accommodate the right number of viewers in your audience, without going overboard.   

24' x 14'

Up To 750

20' x 11'

Up To 500

12' x 7' 

Up To 120

Social DistancinG Friendly

In addition to precautions you'll likely already be taking, our outdoor movie setups lend themselves well to social distancing guidelines.  First off, they're normally held in wide open fields or parking lots allowing for plenty of open-air room.  If you're planning a lawn chair & blanket setup, viewers should have plenty of space to spread out and maintain distance.  If you're choosing a drive-in setup, viewers will mainly be in their cars and can also park at safe distances from each other.

We've had clients even use cones, chalk and other methods to designate zones so everyone is aware of boundaries.



6' +

6' +

Lawn Chairs & Blankets

6' +

6' +

6' +

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