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Virtual Photo Mosaic Wall

Engage Everyone From Anywhere

The Photo Mosaic Wall is an event experience we began implementing in 2019—exclusively at in-person events like conferences, professional sporting events, and corporate functions.  As the world began to change in early 2020 we worked to modify this popular program to transition it entirely online in a digital format.

We're excited to offer colleges & universities this exciting program in a remote fashion.  There's also something symbolic about it, being able to unite individuals despite being physically apart.

There's a number of great applications for this program—new student orientations, convocations, homecomings, alumni & family weekends, athletics events, graduations, senior weeks and more!  

What Exactly Is It?

This program allows you to compile hundreds upon thousands of images from various sources in real-time to produce a one-of-a-kind mosaic that showcases your choice of larger image or graphic. 


The small tiled images come together and build a complete unified picture.

How Does It Work?

Choose a date & time frame for your event.

Megaphone Icon.png

Promote the event to participants.


Contribute images via text message, Instagram & Twitter during the compilation period.

Image and Hashtag.png

Select your overall image & event hashtag.

Sync and Stream Icon.png

Watch the mosaic come together in real time over a live stream.

Contribute Images Remotely Via Text Message & Social Media

SaMple Live Stream

Fun Animations Throughout

Contact - Virtual Photo Mosaic Wall Page

Final Results

Virtual Photo Mosaic Wall

High Resolution


(Large File Size, Allow Time For Download)

You'll receive a wide range of file sizes including the most high resolution perfect for printing on banners, giveaways, etc.

The compilation video is perfect for sharing on social media following your event.

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