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If you're like most schools, you've been playing virtual trivia amongst your own classmates and colleagues since March of 2020.  Let's just consider all of that practice, because now, for the first time, you have an outlet to branch out and compete head-to-head against other schools!  That's right, we've put together the framework for a multi-school tournament à la March Madness except instead of athletics it's all trivia, all virtual, and practically anyone at any school can suit up for the games (no uniform required).  We're excited to be bringing this fresh twist to virtual trivia.

Stir Up Some School Spirit In The New Year

We're working specifically with Student Activities Departments as this is meant to be a program open to any student that wants to participate on behalf of their school.  And not only is it a fun activity that anyone can participate in, it offers up a new way to show school spirit with students' individual scores contributing the their overall school's team score which in turn determines their fate in the tournament.  Every point counts!

Current Tournament

Tournament Dates

February 2nd - 21st

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Upcoming Tournaments

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April 2021

(Exact Dates & Schedules Forthcoming)

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Hosted Gameplay


Up To 500 Players Per School

Play On Any Device, Anywhere

Full-Featured Gameplay

Experience an easy-to-join, smooth functioning, gameplay platform that offers a unique experience featuring a live host, up to 500 students per team, individual & team scoring plus more.

Wide-Ranging Topics

Smart Scoring For Individuals & Teams

Accuracy & Speed

It's not only about getting questions right, but how quickly you get questions right!  Students will have 30 seconds to answer each question and as the clock winds down, the number of points up for grabs diminishes.  Answer correctly and quickly to distance yourself from the other players and the opposing school.

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